We take PADDLES AND spokes AND SHAPE them around OUR SEASONS on the WATERS, in the VALLEYS, and atop the BLUFFS OF THis BEAUTIFUL REGION - 

The four owners of Broken Paddle Guiding believe that you can in fact mix friendship and business and make it work. The four owners, Dan, Michael, Richie and Alex all hail from the same college campus, having lived together three of their four years at Saint John's University. Michael and Dan even go back as far as middle school.

Their unique friendship and passion for the outdoor stewardship, natural history, and customer service puts them in an special category of entrepreneurs working on hehalf of Mother Earth. The four owners spend the most amount of time that they can paddling water, scrambling mountains, or tracking wildebeests.  Having achieved business success in the past, all four of the BPG owners know the importance of quality caring for clients and that the attention to detail is never overlooked. 

BPG invites you to come slip into a kayak or grab a bike and start to understand why a Broken PaddleGuiding is different from any tour company that you know. Please explore our website and book a tour with us this weekend. We can't wait!

Meet the Guides


A 5th year guide with Broken Paddle. Michael is a keen observer of the great outdoors. He will tell you what any plant is, what it cures, and how to cook it. He grew up playing in the Northwoods where he cut his chops as a guide and outfitter, worked on the Pacific Crest Trail in the Cascade Mountains, traversed the highlands of Guatemala, and fought wildfires in Northern Minnesota. Having kayaked the Mississippi River in Minnesota every month of the year he knows the rhythms of the Big Muddy in all its seasons.

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, Wilderness First Aid, ACA level 2, MN Master Naturalist, *Certified Taco Salesman



A 5th year guide with Broken Paddle and a seasoned wilderness and kayak guide with over a decade guiding experience. Need a fire started? Find Richie! Growing up in the woods, the terms sustainable and survival were deeply powerful and meaningful to him. Also a thrower of knives, he dreams big and paddles fast. Never far from a pen and paper, ask him for a story about a bear and he'll give you the epoch of human's kinship with animals. 

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, ACA level 3, Wilderness First Aid, *Man of Natural Law



A man of many inventions and ideas. The business brains behind Broken Paddle Guiding Co. But, Dan is never far from his backpack and paddle which sit ready to go under his desk. An avid knife thrower and outdoor enthusiast, Dan has made his home in Minneapolis, MN with his wife Katrina. You may meet her on the water as well with Dan paddling behind- he has a hard time keeping up with her.

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, * Licensed  Tire Swing Inspector



He grew up in the BWCA, guiding canoe and kayak trips with campers from around the world. Alex is an experienced guide of many methods of adventure travel but is most at home in the waters of his home state - Minnesota. He has guided for four seasons with Broken Paddle and knows some of the tricks to summon the fresh water whale sharks.  He will share with you if you trade him your fermented goods.

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, WFR, ACA Level 3, Swift Water Safety Tech, *Official Amateur Cabbage Surgeon