How do I sign up for a Broken Paddle Guiding Company Cycle Tour?

Give us a call at 651-955-5222 and we can take payment over the phone.

How experienced do I need to be to ride a Broken Paddle Inn to Inn Cycle Tour?

Tours are for all levels of riders. Each day you have a choice of routes to take, each between 20-50 miles. So take it slow and easy or put a little more charge into your ride – your choice completely.

What are the lodgings like?

We will be staying in two different B&Bs/Inns where we will be renting out the entire house so we can get good and comfortable and utilize the kitchen. You will have a private room, communal lounge space, and a kitchen, as well as space for bikes and gear.

What is the food like on Broken Paddle Inn to Inn Cycle Tours?

Ridiculously good and ample! We bring in a local chef for two meals, bring you to the highly rated A to Z Pizza Farm. When we are not providing meals or picking up the tab we will make sure you have a detailed map of your route with places to stop and eat. We will also make sure you leave in the morning with snacks.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Let us know ahead of time and we’ll make accommodations with our chef so you can have well fueled and>

What is the terrain like?

The terrain ranges from smooth and flat, gently rolling, to short climbing uphills and fast downhills. If you choose to keep it simple you can minimize most uphill climbs or all of them if you want to take it really relaxed.

What kinds of riding conditions can I expect?

Each day you will encounter between 0-3 hills to climb on all asphalt roads. There is at most 1/2 miles of gravel road to reach the Pizza Farm(totally worth it.)

What will my tour leader/staff members be like?

We are all super-friendly folks who tell awesome jokes and have been leading tours in various activities for almost 20 years. We believe in creating an exciting time our guests, it’s your experience and we aim to craft your ideal adventure.

Is it safe to tour alone?

Absolutely, you will begin and end each day with your group and you will have the opportunity to ride with others if you choose. If you choose to ride solo throughout your day, awesome, all the more regenerative solitude for you - plus the SAG (Support and Gear) wagon is never more than a phone call away. Additionally, the rural roads of the Driftless Area are quiet, peaceful, with little to no traffic.

What kind of bicycle do I need for touring?

The standard phrase is a "Road Bike". Hybrid bikes are also a popular choice, yet offer less comfortable position for touring long distance. Contact us if you need to rent a road bike and would like a recommendation.

What saddle works best for touring?

Distance riding demands a performance saddle—or an all-leather saddle — between a mountain and road saddle. You’ll want plenty of sit-bone cushioning and a fairly long, narrow nose.

What tools should I carry on tour?

We have small tool sets for each tour participant and our SAG rig has every other necessary to do most impromptu bike work. Our local bike shop also has bikes to use should we need to swap your bike out for repairs.

What panniers should I use for loaded touring?

Since we manage all of your gear, only a small seat bag or a comfortable riding jersey (with pouches) to carry snacks is needed. The rest of your gear will await you at your destination.

Can I use GPS/Google Maps on my Smartphone or what if I'd rather not?

You can, though we offer custom paper maps for each route in waterproof cases each day.

What is the makeup of your ride support team?

Our support team will ride along the routes with you, we are never very far ahead or behind the main riding group. Our SAG team consists of seasoned cyclists and veterans of the guiding industry.

What kind of support can we expect along the routes?

Our SAG vehicle offers full mechanical support for your bikes, road snacks, space for extra layers. Our guides, when possible, will ride with cyclists through tricky turns or guide the group to our final destinations.

Am I physically prepared to go on a Broken Paddle Inn to Inn Cycle Tour?

You don’t need to be an athlete to have an amazing time on a BPG cycle tour. Although you can ride as much or as little as you like, in order to ensure the enjoyment of your trip to its fullest, it is important to assess your personal level of fitness when deciding. We offer a variety of levels of cycling with a variety of routes each day. For guests who aren’t regularly engaged in cardiovascular training or activity, we recommend working with your physician to assess your level of physical fitness so you will be comfortable and enjoy your trip.

What is Broken Paddle Guiding Company's cancellation policy?

If you have to cancel within 3 weeks you will be refunded your total minus a $20 processing fee. Any cancellation before that will be refunded the full value. If anything shall cause us to cancel the tour then we will refund you at full value.