SUNSET TOur + Brewery 

$85/paddler (2.5-3 hours)
Available times: 6pm (time varies with date)
Meetup Location: Reads Landing, MN
*Your choose: kayak or stand up paddleboard
(Detailed information about your tour will be sent in your confirmation email or call anytime with questions 651-955-5222.)

The Sunset Beach Tour departs a few hours before the most magical time of the day...Sunset on the Mississippi River. 

Take a laid back paddle with us in your craft of choice, kayak or SUP, through the side streams and out onto the Mississippi, where we will beach our kayaks on a sandy river bank at the mouth of the 21 mile long Lake Pepin.  Here we will take time on the sand for photos and relaxation as the sun turns blue skies to dripping hues of orange and red - surely the best way to end the day. We will then finish by paddling to a local brewery where you will receive a tasty craft brew courtesy of Broken Paddle. 

We spend a mix of time with the best elements of the Earth: Water, Sand, Sun and Beer. A crowd pleasing tour to say the least.

*Tour time is inclusive of travel, group kayak lesson, setup and breakdown.

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