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Flooded Forest Tour

Flood Forest Tour

$90.00/PADDLER (3.5-4 HOURS)

Leaving the crowded banks of the Mississippi's main channel and heading into the remote forest canopy, hidden channels and scenic meanders, The Flooded Forest Tour takes you deeper in the silence than any of our other tours. It is a perfect opportunity to learn about the elements that make up the largest river ecosystem on our continent.

Overflowing with biodiversity, The Flooded Forest Tour is a chance to engage in conversation about the river’s ecosystem with its wildlife along the banks, in the trees, and in the waters beneath our kayaks. Come feel the intense quiet and beauty of the REAL Mississippi River. Let us teach you about the roles and balance of wings, fins, paws and plants.

The Flooded Forest Tour paddles in some of the most remote channels and meanders the Mississippi has to offer.  We spend 90% of the tour in smooth and shallow channels surrounded by silver maples, sunbathing reptiles, wings, talons, and paws.

*Tour time is inclusive of travel, group kayak lesson, setup and breakdown.


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