Who we are


Meet the crew of experienced paddlers, philosophizing naturalists, professional guides, and hammock-swinging river folk.

At Broken Paddle our crew takes paddles and spokes and shapes them around the four seasons on the waters, in the valleys, and atop the bluffs of this beautiful region - sharing with you every exquisite stream and path we find.


A keen observer of the great outdoors, a full on bird nerd, and in between days on the river you can find Michael with his partner Lauren on their farm just outside of town, Dancing Gnome Farm, where they grow delicious organic vegetables. Michael grew up playing in the Northwoods where he cut his chops as a guide and outfitter, worked on the Pacific Crest Trail in the Cascade Mountains, traversed the highlands of Guatemala, and fought wildfires in Northern Minnesota.  Having kayaked the Mississippi River in Minnesota every month of the year he knows the rhythms of the Big Muddy in all its seasons.

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, MN Master Naturalist, Aquatic Invasive Species Detector *Member Vegetable Connoisseur Society


He grew up in the BWCA, guiding canoe and kayak trips with campers from around the world. Alex is an experienced guide of many methods of adventure travel but is most at home in the waters of his home state - Minnesota. He has guided since the beginning with Broken Paddle and knows some of the tricks to summon the fresh water whale sharks.  He will share with you if you trade him your fermented goods.

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, WFR, ACA Level 3, Swift Water Safety Tech, *Official Amateur Cabbage Surgeon

Taylor Treinen

From the hidden spaces of the Mighty Mississippi to the bare stone faces of Moab, Utah Taylor has tackled life’s finest adventures.  Raised in the waters and woods Taylor knows his way through these winding streams and towering bluffs, learning the ropes of climbing and paddling at a young age he has never stopped exploring.  A true waterman, Taylor will show you what it means to bliss out and grab the most out of your outdoor experience. 

Certifications: Wilderness First Responder, Professional Climbing Instructors Association Base Manager Certification, *Licensed Night Cap Provider

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kayak guide laura

Brady Miller

After an extended adventure abroad, complete with 1000’s of miles exploring by motorcycle, he is excited to be back on a new adventure in his home state of Minnesota. A previous office dweller, turned aspiring farmer, you’ll find Brady working in the field during the week and exploring the backwaters of the Mississippi on weekends. A man of few words, but still waters just might run deep with this one.

Certifications: First Aid and CPR, *Member of the Clean Plate Club

Finnegan Keilty

Hailing from Las Vegas and studying at Carleton College in Minnesota, a quick jaunt from Wabasha, Finnegan spends his days exploring his passions of cultures and languages, playing with clay, sacrificing his elbow skin for Spikeball, cooking giant and amazing feasts, and adventuring with Carleton’s outdoor adventure club. Between the books, bikes, and clay you’ll find Finn elbow deep in bread dough or dishing out laughter and high fives. Finnegan was raised to play in the outdoors - family trips to the Boundary Waters, long weekends climbing in Zion, Joshua Tree, and Bishop, and mountain biking everywhere. You can be sure he has a high-five waiting for you when you come to explore the Mighty Miss’.

Certifications: First Aid, CPR *Curator of the Edible Bread Museum

Anna Stubbs

Native to the lakes of Michigan and Idaho, Anna is at home on the water. When she is not traveling, summiting a mountain, or in a lake, she studies studio art and pre-med at nearby Carleton College. She is excited to join the river folk of the Mississippi and farm with the folks up at Dancing Gnome Farm. Anna loves frolicking in the backwoods and hearing stories of outdoor escapades; especially involving wilderness medical adventures. She is rumored to be able to summon eagles with her bird calls; a task she may perform if bribed with ice cream.

Certifications: WFR, First Aid, CPR *Chairwoman of the Jokester’s Academy of Pranks and Spirited Bonhomie

Laura WIldenborg

A local, outdoor professional who has worked as a raft guide on the Chattooga River, a naturalist at Wolf Ridge ELC, and the summer director at the nearby Lake City ELC. She has climbed the limestone walls, tapped the sugar maples, paddled the Mississippi, and picked up the local accent while growing up in Red Wing. When she is not working as a field instructor for the Red Wing ELC, she will be ready to share stories, high fives, and the ways of the wilderness with you.

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, ACA level 2, Swift Water Safety Tech, Certified Water Bottle Inspector

Jake olzen

When not working the farm or building greenhouses, you can find Jake paddling the Mississippi backwaters or biking bluff country. A climber, backpacker, and long boarder, he has traveled extensively around the world but this river rat is most at home in the beautiful Driftless region of Southeast Minnesota. With a strong interest in agro-ecology and a healthy appetite for adventure, kayak tours with Jake are a righteous experience -- and he's your guy to find the perfect watering hole on and off the river.

Certifications: Wilderness First Aid, EMT-B, CPR, Eagle Scout


A seasoned wilderness and kayak guide with over a decade guiding experience. Need a fire started? Find Richie! Growing up in the woods, the terms sustainable and survival were deeply powerful and meaningful to him. Also a thrower of knives, he dreams big and paddles fast. Never far from a pen and paper, ask him for a story about a bear and he'll give you the epoch of human's kinship with animals. 

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, Wilderness First Aid, *Man of Natural Law


A man of many ideas. The business brains behind Broken Paddle Guiding Co. But, Dan is never far from his backpack and paddle which sit ready to go under his desk. An avid knife thrower and outdoor enthusiast, Dan has made his home in the Twin Cities of MN with his wife Katrina. You may meet her on the water as well with Dan paddling behind- he has a hard time keeping up with her.

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, * Licensed  Tire Swing Inspector

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Jay Eidsness

With an ever seeking eye for adventure and a thirst for an unmarked trail, Jay is no stranger to the alchemy that makes Broken Paddle Guiding a star along the northern reach of the Great Mississippi.  While he is most comfortable with mud between his toes and cheap sunglasses shielding his eyes, these days his focus is on the business side of Broken Paddle.  You can see Jay’s influence on the eagle’s nests dotting the paddle routes, the pain reward of the inclines and descents on the cycle routes, and the wordsmithing of the liability waiver.

Certifications: First Air/CPR, *Founder, Monster Pancake Association

Kayak Tours

Paddle in the remote depths of the flooded forest.  Here you will find yourself under a towering forest canopy, gliding over feeding fish, beavers and otters, all in a place of tranquil beauty.

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Paddleboard Tours

Explore the beautiful, remote, and scenic waters as you would on our kayak tour, but this time from our new and fast growing Stand up Paddleboard Tours.  Change your perspective from sitting on, to standing atop the water – you’d be surprised at the difference you see and feel!

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Fat Bike Tours

Free your winter doldrums and ride the hottest sport out there!  Experience the frozen forests and the unfrozen Mississippi River as we bike the banks and the woods of the big river. We’ll hop off the saddle at a riverside brewpub for a pint to round out this epic tour.

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